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Why No Price Listed - Explained

Why is there No Price Listed?

Why don't you just show the real price?:

  • Simply put, we are not ALLOWED to show it.

Why Not?:

  • MAPP is the answer. MAPP stands for Minimum Advertisable Price Policy. Many, if not most, companies, manufacturers and distributors enforce a stated MAPP that they require their authorized resellers to adhere to as a condition of doing business. If a reseller doesn't follow the MAPP, the companies, manufacturers, and distributors stop selling wholesale to that retailer. Quickly and certainly, the dealer is in trouble and possibly out of business.
  • The policy states that any and all advertised prices can not be below a certain minimum amount. They set a minimum price that we can advertise, but we are allowed to sell below that price as long as we don't advertise the below MAPP price. You have to ask for it. GET A QUOTE! It is a way to assure price wars don't break out.

Isn't that a type of Price Fixing?

  • A lot of people would agree with you on that one, but by law, the companies are allowed to do it as long as there is a reasonable way to get the selling price. That way can be as simple as you asking to GET A QUOTE!

Do the manufacturers and distributors set the final sales price?

  • No, we do. But, we don't set the Minimum Advertisible Price. They control that. But, you can get around it by simply asking the price. Do that clicking on GET A QUOTE!

Why do some retailers show their price and you don't?

  • We don't cut corners, play games, or sell gray market merchandise. When an Authorized Dealer or Retailer ignores a contract with a manufacturer or distributor the retailer is putting you, the customer, at risk. Under certain circumstances you might loose a possible rebate or your warranty coverage. We are in business for the long haul. We are here to support and serve our customers, not put them at risk.

Simply Click on GET A QUOTE!

  • You can also contact us by eMail at: CustomerService@future-digital.com and request a price quote for any item or items that interest you. Generally, it is faster to just Click on GET A QUOTE! The price by eMail or the one you receive when you click on GET A QUOTE! will be the same, anyway.

If I request a Quote don't I have to buy it?

  • NOPE! Although we hope you will buy from us, you don't ever have to buy anything just because you want to know the price. Clicking on GET A QUOTE is just a way of asking for the best price we can give you, and you are never obligated to complete a sale just because you wanted to know the price. Try it! It doesn't hurt. Questions are good. Shows you are thinking and that you are a careful shopper.

Shopping with us is Stress-free, Safe, Secure, Satisfying!

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