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Welcome to the War On Spam!

Everyone gets Spam or junk eMail and the problem is growing. At my local university, they claim to currently block more than 75,000 Spam messages to their users each day. And more get through.

Recent studies have shown that, although widely varied, the toll taken by Spam is the equivalent of making corporations hire one full time worker out of every 200 just to DELETE Spam. Not to read it, but just to sit there and delete it.

Here where I work, I spend the first 30 to 40 minutes of each working day deleting. Not reading, just deleting.

My friends in government positions tell me the same thing. They get the same scam offerings, letters from supposed Nigerian ex-patriots and " government officials" offering them a, wink, wink, share of 26 million dollars, under the counter " prescription" drugs, loan offers, absurd offers to " adjust" their credit, and to adjust their sexuality, just like everybody else. Since their addresses are more public than most, they spend even MORE time deleting junk than I do. And, YOU, the tax-payer, are paying your hard earned money to pay them to sit there and sift through the trash trying to find the important things that relate to their jobs. It is not easy, and if they make a mistake, it is serious. So, they spend more time at it. Thus, they spend more of YOUR money trying to cleanup before getting to work.

To ME, this amounts to outright theft of my personal time, and at worst, theft of government funds (your taxes) amounting to the amount spent to pay someone to throw it away. Out right Theft! In amounts big enough to be a felony. At this time it is not yet a crime to send this Spam to you, me, or governmental workers. I hope it will be, soon, at least for the governmental workers. Trash and misleading and false advertisement is NOT covered by the First Amendment. It should be a crime to steal tax-payers money.

Enough ranting. Here is something YOU can do about it.

Controlling SPAM

For information on what you as an individual can do to alleviate Spam, please refer to the Federal Trade Commission guidelines . In particular, FORWARD unchanged copies of unwanted or deceptive eMail to: spam@uce.gov . You can also fill out complaint forms about removal links that do not work at: www.ftc.gov, mentioned in the article, where they are keeping track of illegal, immoral, deceptive, and other types of spam.

Thank you for reading. Now, how about visiting the rest of my site?


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