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Give Away of the Day!

Want a free, high-quality computer program?

Yes, we actually give away REAL programs, for free.
Really! Free Software!
These are real commercial programs you ordinarily have to buy.

Sorry, we can't accept requests,
and once the program's DAY is gone,
so is the program. We really mean daily.

Check here, daily, or you may miss out
on something you would have really liked.

Click on the Icon to download:

Giveaway of the Day

Today's totally free program is:

Please note two very important things:

1) You must ALWAYS read the comments from the user community before downloading the software. There may be reasons you do not WANT the software, and they are usually mentioned in the comments. For instance, once-in-a-while, some software has "Ad-Ware" components in it. There is nothing particularly wrong with this type of software, as long as you are aware of it and choose to download and install it, and you can often uncheck and not download potentially objectionable options if you just know about them before installing. That, is up to YOU!


The Risk is 100% YOURS. You decide, not us, if you want this software. Only YOU can decide if it is appropriate for you.

2) You only have until midnight tonight to activate your free software!


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