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We Ship Internationally!

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You probably don't need this page at all, unless you just like to read and read. Most people should just use the Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure! button associated with each product. It is just simpler that way. However, for those who enjoy knowing every minute detail, read on. Thank you for shopping with us!          TAX is due on anything purchased!

    Please calculate 10% and add that tax on the total of all items BEFORE you add in shipment charges for Louisiana, ONLY.

    That is, add three things if the item is to be shipped to Louisiana:
    1) Cost of all items, totaled
    2) 9% tax on the above total and
    3) Shipping as listed.

    That total is your total amount due.

    No tax is collected on shipments to other states, yet. That Federal  law may change soon, so contact your congressperson if you wish to preserve the ability to buy across state lines without paying taxes.

          Several ways to buy:

    Please check which of the methods, listed below, apply to You.
                                  We do NOT accept Credit Cards directly.
                                It raises our prices WAY too much.
                                Use your credit c ards through PayPal.Com
                                as applicable. See below.
                                  NEVER Send Cash!



    Types of Buyers and Payments:
    1) US Buyer buying Goods from this site shipping to US Destination.
    2) International Buyer, Goods bought here, INTERNATIONAL Shipping.

            Goods from THIS site, US Buyer and US Destination.


    We do NOT accept Credit Cards DIRECTLY.

    A) You may use your credit card on PAYPAL for PayPal Confirmed US Buyers wishing items to be shipped to their US PayPal Confirmed Addresses.

    To use PayPal , (USA Only)
    If you ARE a member, Click BELOW:


    If you are NOT a member, click HERE    
    Pay Future-Digital International with PayPal

    Information needed to use www.PayPal.Com for
    US purchases:

    Include Item Name AND Description
    Account ID:

    Should an item be out of stock, I can reverse the PayPal payment immediately, at NO cost to you. So, order with confidence.

    NOTE: For YOUR financial security, I ONLY ship to the Confirmed Address supplied on the PayPal Payment Notice.

    B) US Buyers shipping to US Destinations may also use Cashiers Checks or US Postal Money Orders drawn on major US Banks or Institutions made out in US Funds, ONLY!

    For US Purchases, make out Postal Money Orders and Cashiers Checks to and send to:

    William N. Coxe, Jr.
    PO Box 16017
    Baton Rouge, LA 70893-6017

    Include Item Name AND Description and where I should ship to.

          Goods bought off THIS site, INTERNATIONAL Shipping


    D) At this time, I can accept
    ONLY Western Union Money Orders for INTERNATIONAL purchases of items bought from this site. That is, if you wish to buy something directly off this site and have it shipped outside the USA, you MUST Transfer the Money using

    Funds sent through MUST be payable in US Dollars. Nothing Else is Acceptable. They should be made out to and sent to:

    William N. Coxe, Jr.
    US State: Louisiana 70810
    Country: USA

I didn't make the odd rules, PayPal did. I am sorry for this inconvenience, but I have no other method available for INTERNATIONAL payments at this time.

    E) For International Purchasers who do not wish to use Western Union you can also choose to use Bank to Bank Wire Transfer, but ONLY if you are willing to pay a $16.00USD Transaction Fee that my bank will charge me.   If you wish to use Wire Transfer, write and ask for the information you will need.

There will be NO shipments without payment in FULL!
NEVER Send Cash!

    No, it is NOT real. There is NO such thing.
    But, it is nice to look at.
    Now, that I have your attention, remember:
    NEVER Send CASH.






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