Photo Twin Pack 37mm
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Circular Polarizer 37mm 
Haze 1 37mm 
Sky 1A 37mm 
UV Pro 37mm 
Photo Twin Pack 37mm 
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Tiffen Manufacturing Tiffen Filter
Twin Pack

Tiffen UV Pro Protective Filter

Tiffen Circular Polariger Filter

UV Pro
Protective Filter

Basic Physical Protection
For Your Expensive Lens. Bang your lens into something hard, throw away the filter, not a broken lens.
Reduces Unwanted Haze.

Circular Polarize r

Essential for outdoor photography deepens intensity of blue skies reduces or eliminates glare and reflections. Increases Color Saturation
Reduces Unwanted Haze.

Our Most Popular Filters in a Money-Saving Set: Includes the above Filters. Less expensive than buying the same filters separately. Perfectly suited to Both Digital and Film Cameras and Digital and Analog Camcorders.

Should you want Lots of Details about the Specific Qualities of each Filter, please look at our other pages, below:

UV Pro Protective Filter

Circular Polarizer


37mm is the Only Size I have.

Tiffen 37mm
Twin Pack Filter.

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    OUR Price: $SORRY - OUR OF STOCK pk.
    Shipping: $4.94

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