50-Tape Mini-DV Video Tape Storage RAX
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50-Tape Mini-DV Video Tape Storage RAX 
24-Tape Mini-DV Video Tape Storage RAX 
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  Stylish Black Sturdy Racks
    to Store Your Precious HDV or Mini-DV Tapes.

We have found that SOME of our customers ONLY want to see the price. Others want ALL the Details. If you want to see EVERYTHING, just read on past the pricing information.

50 Tape Storage Rack


  50-Tape Mini-DV or HDV Rack.

See FULL Detailed Description, below.

New, LOWER Price!    Price, each: $9.94   

50 Mini-DV Tape Storage Rack



    Buy some video tape, and we will ship it inside your Rack at no additional charge for shipping the tape.

  Shipping and Handling for first 50 tape rack: $7.99   
for additional 50 tape racks: $5.99

50 MiniDV Tape Storage Rack



Shipped with other items, we reduce total shipping costs depending on total weight.

We use Priority Mail for faster, more efficient delivery and tracking in the USA.
International Shipments are HIGHER.
Inquire about International Shipping BEFORE placing order, please.

For US Customers, Only:

For International Customers:
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50 Mini-DV  or HDV Tape  Storage  Racks


Don't Toss Those Precious Memories in a Drawer!

Ever Lower Prices!TM

Immediately below is the 50 Tape Model.
For 24 Mini-DV or HDV Tape Models see my other pages.

Mini-DV Storage Rack for 50 Tapes.

50 Mini-DV or HDV Tape

Designed to Safely
Efficiently Hold
50 Mini-DV or HDV Tapes
including their plastic cases and labels.

The RAX just above and below are the 50 Tape Model.
(I occasionally have 24 Mini-DV or HDV Tape Models in my other pages.)

50 Mini-DV Tape Storage Rack

Actually be able to FIND the tape you are looking for!

Jumbles of tapes are hard to look through,
and the tapes are quite likely to get damaged
banging around loose in a drawer.

24 Tape Storage Rack for Mini-DV Tapes

Above is the 24 Mini-DV or HDV Tape Model.
Just to give you the idea of what it looks like.
The 50 Tape Model is like the one BELOW.
See my other pages for the 24 Tape Model

Perfect for Home or Studio.
Sits comfortably on a shelf.

Can be mounted on the wall in either of 2 directions.
Has convenient, pre-drilled mounting holes
for screws for either direction.

50 Mini-DV Tape Storage Rack with Tapes.

Approximate Size: 9 7/8" x 15 7/8" x 1 3/4"
(The above dimensions are for the 50 Mini-DV or HDV Tape Model, above.)
Solid High-Impact Molded Plastic,
Rigid, NOT  Flimsy.
An Attractive Dark Gray, Almost Black.

Shipping Cost are for US Priority Mail.

We use Priority Mail.

Other methods of shipping, including International shipping, extra.

Need Mini-DV TAPE?

I have MANY Types. See My Other Pages!

Brand NEW Stock!
T H A N K S  for  your  Business!

Mini-DV or HDV RAX
Capture the Day on Video!

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