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 La Crosse Technology Atomic Wall Clock with Outdoor Temperature WS-8015U

Wireless Weather
Atomic Clock

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TX4U Remote Outdoor Sensor:

The Weather Channel Wireless Outdoor Remote Sensor TX4U

Set Includes:

  • Base Receiver Station (Clock)
  • One Outdoor Wireless Remote Sensor TX4U


    NOTICE: The Atomic Clock in these devices will ONLY automatically set itself if located in the 48 contiguous US States and a few northern Mexican states and lower Canadian provinces. Outside of these areas the time and date settings are controlled by an ordinary manually set digital clock only. For that reason, our Atomic Clocks are Not normally for sale outside the USA!


        Remote Transmitter (TX4U) Specifications:

      • Recommended operating temperature:
        -25 to 158F (-31.6 to 70.0C)
      • Temperature measuring range:
        -21.8 to 156.2F with 0.2F resolution
        (-29.9 to 69.0C with 0.1C resolution)
      • Relative humidity range:
        20% to 95% with 1% resolution
      • Checking intervals:
      • Temperature:every 5 minutes
      • Relative humidity:every 5 minutes
      • Transmission interval:every 10 seconds for first 3 minutes, every 1 minute thereafter
      • Transmission frequency: 433.92 MHz
      • Transmission range:80 feet (25 meters) in open space with no interference
      • Remote transmitter is wall-mount only.

        Transmitter (TX4U) Dimensions:

      • 1.56 inches (40 mm) wide
      • 4.29 inches (110 mm) high
      • 0.78 inch (20 mm) deep (not including mounting bracket)

        Rain Protector Dimensions:

      • 2.24 inches (57 mm) in diameter
      • 4.7 inches (120 mm) high

        Transmitter Dimensions with Protector Installed, Mounting Bracket Included:

      • 2.24 inches (57 mm) wide
      • 4.88 inches (124 mm) high
      • 2.87 inches (73 mm) deep

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    La Crosse Technology
    The Weather Channel
    Recording Forecast
    Wireless Weather Center


    Although Similar to the WS-8025,
    this models are NOT exactly the same.

    The WS-8025 Series has Decorative Side Panels
    Side Panels on this model are actually

      • The Weather Channel Version of this unit.
      • Atomic Clock  sets automatically to WWVB radio signal (manual setting is also an option).
      • User-selectable 12- or 24-hour time. Hour and minutes are separated by a flashing colon (:) that indicates seconds.
      • Calendar display (month and date).
      • Alarm setting with snooze function.
      • Calculates and displays sunrise and sunset times plus moonrise and moonset times for any of 250 selectable North American cities.
      • Daily sunlight duration for the selected city can be displayed as an alternative to sunrise/sunset times.
      • 12 moon phases are displayed throughout each month.
      • All temperature indications are selectable for either F or C.
      • Display of current indoor temperature and relative humidity with minimum and maximum recordings.
      • Indoor comfort-level icon (smiling or sad face).
      • Three weather-forecasting icons.
      • Barometric pressure tendency indicators.
      • Storm warning and alarm.
      • Outdoor temperature alarm (can be independently set for each remote sensor in use).
      • Graphic display of air pressure history for the past 30 hours.
      • Display of absolute or relative air pressure in hPa or inHg, with calibration facility for relative air pressure.
      • Display of air pressure tendency for the past 2 hours.
      • Display of current outdoor temperature (in either F or C) and relative humidity with minimum and maximum recordings for each remote sensor in use.
      • Can receive and display information from up to three outdoor/remote transmitters (one TX4U thermo-hygro sensor included additional transmitters are optional and sold separately).
      • LCD display contrast selectable for 8 different levels.


      • Low-battery indication.
      • Station is powered by three AA (1.5V) alkaline batteries (not included).
      • Remote transmitter (TX4U) is powered by two AA (1.5V) alkaline batteries (not included).

        Station Specifications:

      • Radio-controlled time signal:WWVB (60 kHz) from Fort Collins, Colorado
      • Recommended operating temperature (station):
        32 to 122F (0 to 50C)
      • LCD contrast:8 user-selectable levels (1 through 8)
      • Sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset, and moon phase dates available:January 1, 2000 through December 31, 2099
      • Indoor temperature measuring range:
        14.2 to 139.8F with 0.2F resolution
        (-9.9 to 59.9C with 0.1C resolution)
      • Outdoor temperature measuring range:
        -21.8 to 156.2F with 0.2F resolution
        (-29.9 to 69.0C with 0.1C resolution)
      • Indoor and outdoor relative humidity range:
        20% to 95% with 1% resolution
      • Station has an integral foldout stand for table/desk/shelf placement can also be wall-mounted.

        Air Pressure Features:

      • Absolute:20.67 to 32.46 inHg (700 to 1099 hPa)
      • Relative (adjustable):28.60 to 30.45 inHg (960 to 1040 hPa)
      • Sensitivity setting:0.06, 0.09, or 0.12 inHg (2, 3, or 4 hPa)
      • Storm warning (pressure drop) setting:0.09 to 0.27 inHg in 0.03 inHg increments (3 to 9 hPa in 1 hPa increments)
      • Air pressure history: for the past 30 hours at -30, -24, -18, -12, -9, -6, -3, -1, and 0 hours

        Checking Intervals:

      • Indoor temperature:every 15 seconds
      • Indoor relative humidity:every 20 seconds
      • Outdoor temperature: every 5 minutes
      • Outdoor relative humidity:every 5 minutes
      • Outdoor temperature:every 1 minute
      • Outdoor humidity:every 1 minute

        Station Dimensions:

      • 7.48 inches (19.0cm) wide
      • 10.12 inches (25.7cm) high
      • 0.86 inch (2.2cm) deep

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