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La Crosse Technology

Atomic Clock

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

To function properly, the weather station must be started correctly using good quality alkaline batteries and the time must be set.




Section 1 - Time Display Problems




Reason 1


The hands keep spinning






If the clock hands are spinning continuously, the problem is likely the battery. Try removing the battery, leaving it out for 10 min, and then reinserting a new battery. Our products are designed to use plain alkaline batteries--no lithium, titanium, ultras, etc.




Reason 2


Clock shows the wrong time.






Initially, when you install the batteries and select your time zone, the clock will set itself to either 4:00, 8:00, or 12:00 until it receives a complete signal from Ft. Collins Colorado. It will then set itself to the correct time. If the clock still has the wrong time, please use a paper clip or other metal object to short the clock out. You can do this by pressing the object to the two small metal prongs to the upper left of the battery. The hands should line up to 12:00. If they do not, then the clock may have been damaged at some point. Also, if it is Daylight Savings Time, make sure you press the button between the ET and the CT buttons on the back of the clock to advance or push back the time one hour.

If further assistance is required please contact us via email at support@lacrossetechnology.comor by phone at 1-888-211-1923




Reason 3


Why hasn't my clock picked up a signal yet?






Sometimes it may take a day or two for your clock to get a signal. The best way to get a signal would be to put the clock in a window facing Colorado until it shows the current time. Then you can hang your clock on the wall as you so choose.




Reason 4


Will this clock work in my office building or aparTMent complex?






We do have difficulty receiving the signal while in a steel-girded building. It will work in a steel framed structure, but it may need to be near a window.

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