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BroilKing Kitchen Appliances and Products

Please note:
The reason that these very hard to find and popular items are
less expensive here than in many places is I have them
drop shipped directly from the factory to you.
Unfortunately, this causes time delays.
Shipment on some of the hardest to find items can easily be delayed for
a month, and near Christmas, even longer.
In fact, for some items, such as buffet servers,
if ordered AFTER
31 October you face the very
real likelyhood that they will NOT arrive in time for Christmas Day.

So, order early and allow for the delay.

Broilking Professional

BroilKing offers quality kitchen appliances
for every home budget...

BroilKing Product Categories:

   Professional products:  The finest in foodservice equipment available for the home. A line of products designed and engineered to bring commercial appliances, quality, durability and dependability to the home kitchen. BroilKing Professional duplicates the structural design, materials and components of Cadco heavy duty commercial kitchen appliances and equipment used in the finest restaurants and hotels around the world.

Professional products have a two-year warranty.

  Specialty products:  High quality products with unique features.

Specialty products have a two-year warranty.

  Standard products:  High quality products with standard features. Less heavy- duty than Professional products, but still excellent in every way.

Standard products have a one-year warranty.

   War ming Trays

  • Professional Warming Trays: PWT-B1, PWT-1S

  • Specialty Warming Tray: LWT-10
  • Standard Warming Tray: 1480

   Bu ffet Servers

   Convec tion Ovens



  • Single Ranges:
    • Professional Single Range: PR-S1
  • Double Ranges
    • Professional Double Range: PR-D1
  • Cast Iron Ranges:  
  • Glass Ceramic Range:
    • Professional Glass Ceramic Range: PHR-1

   Wa ffle Maker

  • Standard Waffle Maker: 736

   J umbo Food Steamer

  • Professional Food Steamer: FS-10

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BroilKing is the proper name of this product line.
Broil King with the words Broil and King separate, is a product line of outdoor barbeque products.