Sewellia lineolata
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Tiger Hillstream Loach
Sewellia lineolata


Balitoridae, Order: Cypriniformes


Vietnam, China, Cambodia

Mature Length:

9.0 - 11.0 cm ( 3.5 - 4.3 in)

Min. length aquarium:

50 cm - 20 inches

English name:

Tiger Hillstream Loach,
Reticulated Hillstream Loach

Ease of Keeping:


Ease of Breeding:


Tiger Hillstream Loaches, Sewellia lineolata, have especially developed fins to attach themselves to rocks and flat areas in their naturally fast moving rivers and streams. For them to survive and be happy they need strong currents plus abundant oxygen, numerous rocky hiding places and smooth pebbles and boulders to graze over.

Lighting should be bright to encourage algal growth in the aquarium. Plants are not necessary as the fish do not normally encounter them in the wild. They demand excellent water-quality. Suitable plants for high-flow environments are Anubias and Microsoreum. These will grow on rock-work or driftwood.

Note these fish have smaller mouths than Gastromyzon species which should be a consideration with foodstuffs. Good quality flake, small sinking pellets, algae wafers, thawed frozen Bloodworm, Mysis Shrimp, blanched Spinach, Kale, natural algae are good foods for them.

One part of their habits that differs from Gastromyzon or Beaufortia is that of "gliding" on the current. Those other species will move from a rock quickly to another in short hops, but Sewellia will launch from an elevated rock or other decor and glide on the current for some distance before alighting on another hard surface, or sometimes the substrate.

Also, unlike many other Sucker-bodied Hillstream Loaches, they seem far more at ease when searching for food on the loose surface of sand or fine gravel, and will flutter their fins, disturbing the surface grains. It appears they do this to uncover possible food items.






pH Range:
(If known)

6 - 7.5

dKH Range:
(If known)

dGH Range:
(If known)

4 - 10


Swim Level:  Bottom


Water Movement: Fast Moving

Community tank.
Generally peaceful.

Generally aggressive.


Moderate to
bright light. 



Moderate to heavily planted tank.


Rock, or

Open sand or gravel. 

Active or
surface swimmer.


Likes hideaways and cover.

Live foods,


Live or
prepared foods.

Tiger Hillstream Loach - Sewellia Lineolata

Tiger Hillstream Loach - Sewellia Lineolata

Tiger Hillstream Loach - Sewellia Lineolata

Tiger Hillstream Loach - Sewellia Lineolata

Tiger Hillstream Loach - Sewellia Lineolata

Tiger Hillstream Loach - Sewellia Lineolata

Tiger Hillstream Loach - Sewellia Lineolata

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