Colisa chuna
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Colisa chuna




India, Bangladesh

Mature Length:

5 cm - 2 inches

Min. length aquarium:

60 cm - 24 inches

English name:

Honey Gourami

Ease of Keeping:


Ease of Breeding:


The Honey Gourami, Colisa chuna (or chunae), is a peaceful, shy fish that should only be with other peaceful fishes. Gets along well with Colisa , Trichopsis, Corydoras , Danios, Loaches, Loricarids. The aquarium should be heavily planted and have some floating plants. They are very susceptible to ich.

The Honey Gourami are omnivorous, but the food should be small enough to eat. Tubifex and dried foods are appropriate.

When young, these fish are not particularly colourful, but the male gradually develops a rich golden-yellow colour in the dorsal fin and a salmon-pink colour over much of the body.

Adult females are much less bright, with a dark stripe running along the side of the body.

It is best to keep the sexes separated until spawning, as a male will constantly drive a female regardless of her readiness. Many females are lost because they were stressed by a male and therefore susceptible to disease.

Breeding is very easy. A pair has a territory of about 50 cm and they defend that. The male sometimes makes a bubblenest, the eggs are laid and fertilized and put in the nest. The eggs hatch after 24-36 hours and a day later the young fishes are swimming free. You can feed them with infusoria.

Typical lifespan in aquarium: 3 - 4 years.

NOTE: The Honey Gourami sold in stores is not actually Colisa chuna but probably a color variety of Colisa labiosa. The " true" Honey Gourami is so drab in comparison, that customers will refuse them and store workers may assume they are all females. So, when a shipment of " true" Honeys is received by mistake, they may never sell. However an astute fish-keeper might consider them a happy find. This is unfortunate because a male " true" Honey Gourami in breeding color is one of the most spectacular fishes you can find. The transformation from an overall rust color to a red body, yellow top and black bottom is dramatic and sudden. It is a sure sign that spawning is immanent.






pH Range:
(If known)

6.5 - 7

dKH Range:
(If known)

5 - 10

dGH Range:
(If known)

8 - 12


Swim Level:  Top and Middle


Water Movement: Calm

Community tank.
Generally peaceful.

Generally aggressive.


Moderate to
bright light.




Moderate to heavily planted tank.

Rock, or


Open sand or gravel.

Active or
surface swimmer.


Likes hideaways and cover.

Live foods,


Live or
prepared foods.

This Column:
Probably not " True" Colisa chuna

Colosia chuna -  Honey Gourami

This Column:
" True" Colisa chuna

Colosia chuna -  Honey Gourami Colosia chuna -  Honey Gourami

Colosia chuna -  Honey Gourami


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