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An expanding line of fine Acu-Rite Atomic Clock with Weather Sensors. We also have  Davis Instruments and La Crosse Technology Weather Centers.


Atomic Clocks: Nothing is more accurate than an Atomic Clock. They are controlled by Radio from US Government National Institute of Standards and Time. Shop: Acu-Rite, Atomix, and La Crosse Technology and River City Clocks for all you Atomic Clock needs.

See our NEWEST line of Projection Alarm Atomic Clocks, some with Weather Icons and Outdoor Sensors: La Crosse Technology.


Our new line of Top-Quality BroilKing Professional Houseware, Partyware , Kitchenware. including BroilKing Convection Ovens, Buffet Servers, Warming Trays, Griddles, Ranges, and MUCH more.


Camcorder Cases, Camera Cases, Pistols, Paint Ball, and more. They have a Hard Sided Professional Style, Professional Look.


An expanding line of fine Chaney Instrument Clocks, along with sister brands, Acu-Rite, and Atomix Atomic Clocks, as well as the fine line of Acu-Rite Atomic Clocks with Weather Sensors.


Something VERY Special: River City Cuckoo Clocks 'The Best of the Black Forest.' Genuine Hand-Made German Cuckoo Clocks of Outstanding Quality, Originality, and Attention to Detail. Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks - Something Very Special!


37mm Camera Filters and Camcorder Filters. Broadcast and Movie Quality at rock-bottom prices.


Want a free, high-quality program? Yes, we actually give away REAL programs, for free. No strings attached. Sorry, we can't accept requests, and once the program's DAY is gone, so is the program. Check here, daily.  Give Away of the Day!


Gold Plated 6-foot IEEE 1394 FIREWIRE Cables. Perfect for connecting Camcorders to Computers, etc.


RAX brand Storage for your Mini-DV Tape and HDV Video Tapes


 Really Interesting, Fancy, Unusual, and just plain Special Clocks from River City Clocks You just wouldn't BELIEVE the variety!


Mini-DV Tapes. These top-flight Sony Tapes have simpler wrappers than some of Sony's otherwise identical products; but with us, you don't have to pay for the wrapper you throw away. It is just trash, when you think about it.


High Quality FILTERED S-Video Cables and Firewire Cables.


Apollo Commemorative Moonwatch.
Lorus Sports Watches - by Seiko.
E. Howard and Co. Classic Design in Atomic Watches.


For Research, Home, Office, Farming, Health and Safety, see our  Davis Instruments and La Crosse Technology Weather Centers. Know what to expect. Don't get caught wet. Know what is coming long enough ahead of time to do some good. Davis Instruments and La Crosse Technology Weather Centers are available. See also, Acu-Rite Atomic Clocks with Weather Sensors.

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